The Yuletide season of indulgence; Christmas logs made by great chefs

The Yuletide season of indulgence; Christmas logs made by great chefs

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Salmon, foie gras, game, champagne... the list of festive season treats is a long one and at this time of year our thoughts naturally begin to turn towards such self-indulgent delights. During your stay in Paris at the Vice Versa Hotel, why not take the opportunity to discover the bûches de Noël (Christmas logs) created by the capital’s great chefs? It will all tie together totally tastily if you’ve chosen our ‘Gluttony’ themed room!


A true gustatory experience; the Christmas logs of great chefs

Every year, the great chefs match their skill and creativity against each other in a bid to create the most attractive, delicious and innovative Christmas logs. Whether you enjoy them in a restaurant or pâtisserie, you shouldn’t miss out on treating yourself to moments of pure bûches de Noël delight! Why not start with one as subtle and sober as that of Cyril Lignac’s Passion-Coco, or the lemon log offered by Cédric Grolet? Then try the creations of Pierre Hermé, or opt for Incandescence, crafted by François Daubinet for Fauchon.


Our Gluttony rooms

If there’s a time of the year when we deserve the right to indulge in small - and big! - sins, it's the festive season. Set aside greed and embrace laziness, envy, lust and especially… gluttony. The décor of our Gluttony rooms, with macarons, sweets and other delicacies in abundance, invites you to spend a self-indulgently tasty night. When making your booking, please don’t hesitate to tell us which sin you wish to surround yourself with during your stay at the Vice Versa Hotel. For a small fee you can guarantee the sin of your choice.

Discover amazing flavours and admire the finesse and creativity of the Christmas logs of the great chefs. Then, return to your Vice Versa Hotel and relax, replete, in your gluttony-themed room!



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