The Paris Aquarium - even better at night!

The Paris Aquarium - even better at night!

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You may already have heard of the Paris Aquarium. Located underneath the Trocadero, each day it presents visitors with an incredible marine world filled with over 7,500 fish and sharks who inhabit around fifty tanks. Did you know that the Aquarium de Paris is also open each night from 7 p.m., offering unique experiences that include a night time stroll with champagne, dinner or even the chance to party in this truly amazing place?


A night time stroll through the marine world with champagne

Every Saturday evening from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m., you can 'dive' into an abyssal setting and walk among the fishes. Discover the ocean by night and witness the behaviour of its inhabitants thanks to imaginative lighting that creates a magical atmosphere. You'll certainly see the sharks in a new light - and you'll be offered a glass of champagne to complete this exceptional moment.


Dinner in the ocean depths

Why not combine the pleasure of a visit with a delicious dinner in front of a 650,000-litre pool? Relax and enjoy the surrounding show as you savour tasty dishes from an appetising menu devised by the chef. Menus are changed regularly according to seasonal produce and new recipes.


Party in your own unique nightclub

Want to party in an extraordinary place? The Paris Aquarium is the setting of your dreams! Open each Saturday from 11.30 p.m. till 6.30 a.m., this unique club offers unusual decor and the chance to dance to the sounds of leading DJs among sharks, rays and other marine creatures. To enhance your evening, the club offers a selection of fine champagne.