The magic of Versailles

The magic of Versailles

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About twenty minutes by car and less than an hour by public transport from the Hotel Vice Versa, the Palace of Versailles is a marvel. From the splendour of the building and its opulent decor to the enchantment of the gardens and the park, it is more than worth the journey. In summer, the garden’s pools come alive during the Grandes Eaux Nocturnes (Night Fountains Show), immersing visitors in the magnificence of the 17th century.


A unique spectacle

Every Saturday evening from June 10th to September 23rd, the gardens of Versailles come alive with the gurgling of fountains and the dancing of water. To recreate the grand and enchanting ambiance of Louis XIV's celebrations, the water jets in the various pools are brought back into service for the evening, highlighted by magnificent plays of light and colour. Baroque music accompanies your steps as you wander between verdant groves and fragrant flowerbeds. The show ends with spectacular fireworks display that fills the sky above the Grand Canal with multihued splendour.


In addition to the Night Fountains Show

Before you attend the Night Fountains Show, why not take advantage of the opportunity to discover all the charms of the Palace of Versailles? After a visit to the château, you can canoe on the Grand Canal, lose yourself in the paths of the Hameau de la Reine rustic retreat designed by Marie-Antoinette, or simply take an invigorating siesta on the extensive lawns. At nightfall, you can see the Sérénade Royale, a show taking place in the Hall of Mirrors that features performers in period costume recreating life in Versailles during the time of Louis XIV. 


The Night Fountains Show and other events such as the Sérénade Royale reinvigorate this stunning place brimming with history and reveal the magic of the royal celebrations of old. Don’t miss it! You can get to Versailles quickly and easily from the Hotel Vice Versa!


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