The Hanging Garden; second edition

The Hanging Garden; second edition

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If you loved the Jardin Suspendu (Hanging Garden) in 2018, then you’ll be delighted to know this delightful attraction has returned this summer. Don’t miss the new version of this green rooftop created by the talented and green-fingered folks at Passage Enchanté!


A panorama of Paris from the Jardin Suspendu

Would you like to spend an evening on a car park near the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre? Presented this way, we realise it’s not a particularly appealing prospect. However, if you picture yourself 27 metres above the streets of the city, with a panoramic view of the rooftops of Paris, with the Eiffel Tower framed against the blue sky, it all becomes considerably more attractive. Imagine also that trees and flowering shrubs are shading you amidst their verdant freshness and that you are enjoying some music while sipping a cocktail and relaxing in a deckchair. That’s more like it!


The Jardin Suspendu; instructions for use

Passage Enchanté has transformed 3,500 m² of previously bleak parking area into a green terrace that offers an invitation to relax. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, this huge plant filled space is organised around a food court and three giant pop-up bars where DJs present live sets. From 18:00 on weekdays and 16:00 on weekends, you can sit by a bar or in one of the terrace’s many verdure-surrounded little nooks that are so conducive to taking it easy and chatting with friends. The party continues until two in the morning at weekends, midnight on weekdays. Eat, stroll, have a drink, meet up with friends, the Jardin Suspendu will put you firmly in a holiday mood.

In summer, Paris lives in the open air, while keeping hold of its sense of celebration and lifestyle. For a simple aperitif or a wild party, don’t miss the Jardin Suspendu, just a ten-minute walk from your Hotel Vice Versa!



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