The famous Montparnasse Tower is receiving a makeover

The famous Montparnasse Tower is receiving a makeover

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The Montparnasse Tower, located 20 minutes by public transport from the Vice Versa Hotel, is one of the emblematic buildings of Paris, and the city’s second tallest. Its observation deck offers one of the most stunning views of Paris. To give the tower a 21st century dynamic and make it a more environmentally friendly building, a major project is underway that will transform it into a veritable green lung. Here’s a quick overview…


A balcony over Paris

The Observatory of the Montparnasse Tower is the perfect vantage point from which to admire the city. Located on the 59th floor, 200 metres above the ground, the terrace offers a 360° view of the capital. The roofs, streets, and monuments extend in all directions far below. Open from 9:30 to 23:30, the observation deck invites you to contemplate the changes in light, the beauty of the sunsets and the impressive spectacle of the Eiffel Tower at all times of the day. You can even enjoy some refreshments in the highest panoramic bar in Europe.


The Tomorrow Montparnasse project

Chosen by competition and 100% financed by private funding, the Tomorrow Montparnasse project aims to reinvent the tower and the district’s main buildings. The idea is to give them a contemporary dynamic that Parisians and visitors can appropriate, as well as make them more environmentally friendly, while staying true to the cultural and artistic traditions of the district. In this spirit, the floors at the top of the tower are being transformed into a green terrace and a vast greenhouse. The revitalised Montparnasse Tower should be ready for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


The Montparnasse Tower is at the dawn of a green renaissance. During your stay at the Vice Versa Hotel, ascend to the heights of this impressive building and admire the magnificent view of Paris. Soon, a garden will be growing there!


Photo credit: Givaga

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