The Cirque de Paname presents The World of Jalèya

The Cirque de Paname presents The World of Jalèya

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Your Hotel Vice Versa wants to share with you the new presentation by the Cirque de Paname. It’s an amazing spectacular that takes the circus concept to the cutting edge, blending breathtaking performance with technology to create something unique and original. Our challenge today is to arouse your desire to experience this extraordinary show while revealing as little as possible...


The adventure of the Cirque de Paname


The Cirque de Paname was born from the passion of a team of artistes from the world of the performing arts. They came together to give new life to the spectacle à la française, making it intense and dreamlike, technological and timeless, high quality and immersive while remaining accessible to all. You are invited to experience the world they’ve created, a world that extends from the entrance of the venue to the end of the show and even pervades the catering and reception areas. The dome of the Hippodrome de Paris Longchamp was built especially as a venue for the Cirque de Paname.


The World of Jalèya


The Cirque de Paname has scheduled 120 performances of its new production, The World of Jalèya. It’s a whirlwind of sensations and emotions that takes you on a magical, thrilling and colourful journey to meet Mother Earth and dazzling creatures like Mërya, goddess of the realms of the elements of Jalèya. We won’t tell you any more about the myriad facets of this remarkable show except to say that you won’t want to leave this incredible imaginary world filled with music, light, dance and acrobatics... You must discover it for yourself!

In the heart of the Bois de Boulogne, less than 30 minutes from your Hotel Vice Versa, the performers, technicians and other creators of the Cirque de Paname will take you on an adventure you’ll not soon forget... Don’t miss it! Book now!



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