The 15th arrondissement by bike

The 15th arrondissement by bike

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Paris is becoming increasingly open to cyclists and there are now many dedicated bicycle lanes and bikes available in many places. This environmentally friendly initiative offers total freedom of movement and a new way of seeing the city. So, during your stay at the Vice Versa Hotel, get in the saddle to explore the 15th arrondissement!


Where to find a bike

There’s a Vélib’ station in the Vice Versa Hotel’s street. Using your credit card, you can rent a classic bike (green) or an electric bike (blue) in just a minute via the Vélib’ public bicycle sharing system. You can return it wherever you want to any Vélib' station in Paris and its inner suburbs. There are also multi-day passes. Finally, if you have trouble finding a bike, you can use the Uber app, which will allow you to locate one closer to your location. There’s no need to go on foot or use motorised public transport!


Where to go

The 15th arrondissement holds many surprises. Why not start by exploring the picturesque and romantic Parc Georges Brassens? Its small hill will serve as a warm-up. After a bucolic ride, head back to the 15th arrondissement town hall before continuing towards the Seine and the quays. If you prefer a level run, choose a route along the Seine, from the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower to the Parc André-Citroën. Finally, don't forget to take a photo of yourself in the saddle! The 15th arrondissement town hall is organising a big competition and the public will select the best photos to go in a calendar. You will find all the information on this website.


Enjoy Paris by bike, and back at the Vice Versa Hotel you will have plenty of time to develop your inclinations for laziness and gluttony, thanks to our dedicated rooms…


Photo credit: Maxim Chuev

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