Spring sports: The Eiffel Tower Vertical and the Paris Marathon

Spring sports: The Eiffel Tower Vertical and the Paris Marathon

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Paris is not just a city of exhibitions, shopping and fashion. It's also a place where you can experience the sweat and exhilaration of thrilling sporting achievements. This spring you can enjoy two special events: the Eiffel Tower Vertical, a breath-taking feat of endurance, and the world-famous Paris Marathon, one of the best-known events on the circuit.


The Eiffel Tower Vertical

First, some figures to inspire or scare you! A height of 276 metres with 1,665 steps to climb gives you some understanding of the intensity and difficulty of the athletic feat that is the Eiffel Tower Vertical. 40 elite participants are joined by 80 climbers who were lucky enough to be drawn for the start of the ascent at 8:00 p.m. on March 13, 2019.  At night, the spectacle of the runners climbing floor after floor of the Iron Lady, illuminated by their headlamps, is absolutely fascinating.  They're rewarded with a spectacular view over Paris at the end of this amazing and unique event.


The Paris Marathon

Endurance is still in the spotlight when the city plays host to one of the most famous races in the world one month later – the Paris Marathon. Although the exact route hasn't been finalised yet, we do know that, for it's 43rd edition, it will, as always, cross the beautiful Axe historique. The tide of runners, more than 43,000 amateurs and professional athletes are already confirmed, provides an outstanding show that you can follow along the route or watch parts of from the warmth of a café. And, if you want to do a little shopping, take the opportunity to visit the Salon du Running which is associated with the event.

Paris puts endurance races in the spotlight this spring with the Eiffel Tower Vertical and the Paris Marathon. Start practicing or spot some of the best places to watch these extreme events. Finally, be sure to book a laziness themed room and a Spa session at the Vice Versa Hotel to help you recover! 



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