So Parisian; Crazy by Ladurée

So Parisian; Crazy by Ladurée

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When two great Parisian institutions meet, the sparks fly! Your Vice Versa Hotel could not miss the opportunity to give you a heads-up about the sensual and refined collaboration between the Crazy Horse cabaret and the Thé & Beauté by Ladurée shop. Discover their exclusive boxes and offers not to be missed...


Crazy by Ladurée; ‘the senses in effervescence’

First there’s the box, studded with scarlet kisses and the famous silhouette of the square black wig that’s one of the hallmarks of the Crazy Horse. This precious box contains an assortment of six Ladurée macarons that will go perfectly with the subtle black tea flavoured with a medley of red berries that you’ll find in the second box. Finally, to complete the sensual and magical atmosphere, opt for the scented candle that evokes the feminine scents of a dancer’s dressing room in the famous Parisian Crazy Horse cabaret. Of course, the macarons will perfectly complement the decor of the ‘Gluttony’ rooms of your Vice Versa Hotel!


Christmas offers

For the festive period, Ladurée and the Crazy Horse have done more than create gourmet boxes. They’ve also prepared exceptional offers combining the best of both establishments. Why not go for the Crazy Loves Ladurée package that combines admission to the Totally Crazy show, a glass of champagne and the famous scented candle to take home? On December 24th you can savour the special Crazy Christmas evening with Ladurée macarons accompanying a Laurent Perrier rosé! Finally, the Crazy New Year evening brings you an irresistibly delicious gourmet combination of caviar, champagne and, of course, Ladurée macarons!

During your stay at the Vice Versa Hotel, you can multiply your sins by opting for the Crazy by Ladurée offers. Gluttony, greed, sloth, lust; it’s time for your senses to party! Remember to book as soon as possible, especially for the evenings of December 24th and 31st.



Photo credit : © Louis Beche - Flickr

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