Shopping: treat yourself!

Shopping: treat yourself!

Published on in Shopping and Fashion

"Drink," said the poet! And even in these politically correct times, your Hotel Vice Versa is delighted to offer you a setting where you can enjoy all of life’s sinful pleasures. Our entire décor is dedicated to sin so we can only encourage you to explore the bacchanalian pursuit right on our doorstep – like the Beaugrenelle shopping centre!


Envy, a sin?

Certainly, it would seem so if we are to believe all that we are told so we’ve dedicated our envy room to shopping. You’re sure to be tempted by those high-heeled shoes, those exquisite handbags, designer dresses or fabulous necklaces. If shopping truly is a sin is it that of greed, or pride? Why not try to find out by exploring the goods on offer at fine retailers such as Guerlain, L'Occitane, Baccarat, Kusmi Tea, Madura and many others as they compete for the most enticing store or at Minelli, Lacoste or Aubade as they unveil their latest wonders?

It is so good!

Let us follow the example of that poet who was guided by the Green Fairy as we succumb to the intoxication of shopping. Barely 20 minutes walk (so you won’t be adding to air pollution) separates the Beaugrenelle Centre from the Hotel Vice Versa.  From clothing to jewelry, perfume to cake or toys for the little ones there is something for everyone in this bright shopping centre. It’s comfortable and modern too with plush sofas that are perfect for those who want to take a break or enjoy a bite to eat before heading for more retail adventures. It has to be admitted that we’ve not done much to make you resist – so do try to forgive us as one thing is certain, you can’t put a price on the pleasure of the sin of avarice!