Shopping in the Parisian passages

Shopping in the Parisian passages

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Does your stay in Paris mean arguments between fans of shopping and those who love cultural outings? Satisfy everyone's desires with a shopping trip to the covered passages. Both inviting and quirky, these architectural wonders are the ideal choice for outings that mix culture and retail. Scattered throughout Paris, each gallery is filled with unique and exclusive shops.


Easy and affordable shopping in the galleries

Although they may have the reputation of being luxurious and expensive, the Parisian passages are actually very accessible to all budgets. This, for example, is the case of the Passage du Havre in the ninth arrondissement where about forty shops cater to all tastes and all budgets. Treat yourself to a stroll in the Choiseul Passage in the prestigious Opera district. Under its beautiful glass roof, the bookstores offer a thousand and one gift ideas. Alternatively, the exotic grocery stores of Passage Brady might tempt you with their colourful displays and original flavours.


Exceptional shopping trips

It is true that the walkways are beautiful settings for a number of prestigious shops. For example, you might visit Christian Louboutin's workshop-boutique in the Véro-Dodat gallery or take a gourmet break in the famous "Grand Colbert", a timeless Art Nouveau brewery in the Colbert passage. Finally, the Grand-Cerf passages invites you to enjoy shopping that combines art with craftsmanship – from designer jewellery to handcrafted furniture, you'll complete your Christmas list without even realising!

Partly hidden from the street, the walkways are part of Parisian mythology. Often dating from the nineteenth century, although sometimes much earlier, they are adored for treasures like their original architectural details and their tempting little stores and boutiques.



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