Saint-Honoré: a delicious sin

Saint-Honoré: a delicious sin

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There are so many ways to indulge your inner glutton in Paris. The Saint-Honoré is one of the tastiest. Today, your Hotel Vice Versa team presents to you this generous, delicious and typically Parisian pastry dessert; a pâtisserie that should ideally be savoured before relaxing in your gluttony themed room...


Saint-Honoré: all the ingredients for indulgence

A puff pastry or shortbread base filled with crème chiboust (a crème pâtissière lightened with Italian meringue) and adorned with profiteroles filled with whipped cream and sprinkled with sugar or covered with caramel! That, in essence, is a Saint-Honoré. But there’s more to it. Such a basic description fails to convey the sublime association between the crispness of the base and the fondant of the choux, between the ethereal softness of the cream and the richness of the caramel… it’s simply irresistible. And for those who like to try something a little different, you can also find a Saint-Honoré with a chocolate coulis or a jam garnish...


Your gluttony room in Paris

Everywhere from the Rue Saint-Honoré, where it was created in the mid-19th century, to the patisseries of the neighbourhood, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to succumb to the indulgent charms of a Saint-Honoré while you’re in Paris. Each pastry chef has his own recipe. So, why not go the whole hog and have a break in Paris that is centred around gluttony? You can book a room on this theme with the team at your Hotel Vice Versa. The brightly coloured decor evokes both a chocolate box and a tearoom. It’s full of delicious details such as the macaron cushions. Indulge!

Over the centuries, Paris has inspired the greatest chefs and pâtissiers to create recipes that have become essential. The Saint-Honoré is an integral part of this proud heritage. Ask our team where you can find the best pâtisseries!



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