Rodin Paris, Flesh and Marble, an exhibition not to be missed!

Rodin Paris, Flesh and Marble, an exhibition not to be missed!

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Rodin Paris, Flesh and Marble: this exhibition offers a rare opportunity to contemplate some fifty marble sculptures created by the artist, whose name is more often associated with plasterwork. Running at the Musée Rodin until 3 March 2013, it shows the importance of this material in the work of the sculptor.

Le Penseur de rodin

Rodin Paris, Flesh and Marble: another side to the artist

The Chapel of the Musée Rodin, where temporary exhibitions are usually held, is home to nearly 50 marble sculptures by Auguste Rodin and a dozen preparatory models in clay or plaster.

A demanding and cold medium, marble is nevertheless considered the material that is most able to represent the flesh and portray sensuality. The exhibition Rodin, Flesh and Marble includes two the marble masterpieces by this famous French artist: Danaid and The Kiss.

  Rodin Paris, Flesh and Marble at the Musée Rodin 8th June 2012 to 3rd March 2013 79 Rue de Varenne – Paris 7th Open daily, except Mondays Museum, temporary exhibition, garden and shop : open from 10am to 5.45pm Enjoy a nocturnal visit of the musée Rodin, on Wednesdays until 8.45pm. Métro : Station Varenne, Line 13, Station Invalides, Lines 8 et 13 RER : Station Invalides, Line C Informations :