Pop Art Exhibition at the Maillol Museum replicates the world as it is

Pop Art Exhibition at the Maillol Museum replicates the world as it is

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Your stay at the Vice Versa Hotel will be an opportunity for you to indulge your existing passions or discover a few new ones. Whether you're passionate about paintings, sculptures and art in all its forms, or whether you prefer to contemplate the spiritual side of things, you’re in for a treat. Why?  Because Pop Art arrives in Paris – both its artistic, spiritual side and its objective down to earth side in an exciting exhibition that will challenge your perceptions.


A style that depicts contemporary life

Pop Art first appeared in the UK during the 1950s and was the first art form to be dedicated to the popular trends of the day. The artists who were the precursors of the movement were inspired by the decade's nascent consumerism.  They built their movement on comic book trends, channelled everyday consumer products, and presented posters for everything from commercials to science fiction films. Heir to the Dadaism movement, pop art aims to give depth to images, reversing their meaning and playing on irony.  The last option was championed by the Americans to better denounce mass manipulation. See work by some of the movement's most celebrated artists and geniuses at the Maillol Museum.


Artists who understood their world and wanted to change it

The great artists, those whose names are forever synonymous with the Pop Art movement will be exhibited at the Musée Maillol from September 22, 2017 to January 21, 2018. Go along and admire the works of Roy Lichtenstein, master of printing techniques. He created wonderful works of illusion using the world of comic books as a template.  Andy Warhol will also be on display and you can see some of his iconic paintings featuring images of well-known personalities or objects alongside works by thirty other artists who will be featured in this exhibition.