Photography as a base for human encounters

Photography as a base for human encounters

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When you're offered a few days off, you usually want to enjoy life and relax as much as possible. We certainly offer peace and relaxation at the Vice Versa Hotel. However, you may also be interested in the chance to meet people who share the same passions as you. That's the aim of the Paris Photo 2017 exhibition, an event that's entirely devoted to photography. And, you can reach this unique event in just a few minutes from your room here at the Vice Versa Hotel


Four days to talk photo - the objective at the heart of exchanges

From November 9th to 12th, 2017, the Grand Palais, one of the most famous centres for art and culture in Paris, will host the Paris Photo fair.  The event offers a framework for outstanding discussions between professionals and lovers of photography. Whether you like to be in front of the lens or behind, you will come out of these encounters feeling enriched and inspired. Organised since 1996, this year's event will bring together professionals from all over the world along with amateurs from all walks of life. The best photographic achievements will be presented through a finely tuned programme that covers the genre's early years in the 19th century to the finest works of today.


A programme with something for every camera fan

During the four days of the Paris Photo exhibition, the "Platform" forum will teach you about every aspect of photography. You'll be able to take part in discussions on how to collect photos today or look at the links between the photographic world and the cinematographic world. "The Pencil of Culture" will present the acquisitions of the Center Pompidou over the last ten years as masterpieces to contemplate. Finally, "Photoplay" will consist of a selection of photographs by international artists. What a great range of choices!