Paris Luxembourg garden - breath-taking near the Palais du Luxembourg

Paris Luxembourg garden - breath-taking near the Palais du Luxembourg

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The Paris Luxembourg garden is in the 6th arrondissement and quite easy to get to from the Vice Versa hotel . This luxurious garden has been designed in an Italian style at the behest of Marie de' Medici who herself was of Italian descent. It is a beautifully designed garden and there is plenty to marvel at, from the awe inspiring fountains, to the many elegant statutes. The palace or Palais du Luxembourg is also designed in an Italian or Florentine style and is definitely worth a visit. You can do whatever you like here; take things at your own pace. [caption id="attachment_1407" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Luxembourg garden - Paris Tourist Office - Photographer Amelie Dupont Luxembourg garden - Paris Tourist Office - Photographer Amelie Dupont[/caption]

Paris Luxembourg garden, a place where time stands still

When strolling in the Paris Luxembourg garden, the notion of time stops. You can play bridge, chess, and remote controlled boat on the basins. You will taste French crepes, ice cream and drink hot chocolate. Sport people will make their jogging, play Jeu de Paume or make a match of basketball; children can make a pony ride. You can also read, sleep, write, or meditate on the various lawns. You can also listen to live music...

Vice Versa Hotel, Paris and to the Paris Luxembourg garden

Paris is a place where anything can happen and staying with us will guarantee it. The Vice Versa hotel is an extraordinarily glamorous and elegant hotel, and the perfect place to stay while enjoying what Paris has to offer.

Here you will find a central location in the 15th arrondissement, which will lead you to most tourist attractions there are to see in Paris. Here you can stay in luxury with your friends and family, tour the visitor attractions and amble over to the Luxembourg gardens near the Sorbonne, where you can relax and take a moment to enjoy the atmosphere away from the crowds. Paris is waiting for you, and you won't be disappointed. Come here and let us take care of you, so all you have to think about is Paris.