Paris Fair 2014 : the spectacular annual event !

Paris Fair 2014 : the spectacular annual event !

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Paris Fair 2014 is an annual event that you'll certainly not want to miss out on. The Foire de Paris plans to present over 3500 exciting brands, under one roof. Guests can enjoy various activities, including shows and concerts, while browsing through the many brands, highlighting all areas, pertaining to home, wine & gastronomy, leisure and international culture. The event begins on 30 April until the 11 May, at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre. In fact, a 5 minute walk from the Hotel Vice Versa, will take you right there.

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Paris Fair 2014 Showcasing Worldwide Brands

The very first Paris Fair was held in 1904. This universal trading expo was born out of an idea propositioned by jeweller Gustave Sandoz, born out of a desire to make the Exposition Universelle more dynamic, while extending it, to encompass wider ranges of modern industry and trade. Today the event showcases numerous brands, while taking you on a thrilling international, cultural journey.

At the Foire de Paris fair, you'll get to sample and test out over 3,500 new products all designed to enhance your life. Here you'll discover lots of new things, ranging from wellness, beauty, home furnishings, handicrafts, wine & gastronomy, fashion, leisure and lifestyle brands, from all around the globe. The event will also provide a selection of shows, concerts, workshops and outdoor games, to keep you entertained, while you make your way around a world of top quality products.

Enjoy the Hotel Vice Versa while attending the Paris Fair 2014

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