Our great plans for New Year

Our great plans for New Year

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Paris hopes to celebrate in style, just as it should, as it makes the transition into New Year. There are lots of options available to enable you to party in outstanding style this New Year’s Eve. Hotel Vice Versa invites you to explore some of the essential events that allow you to enjoy unforgettable moments for two or share the occasion with family or friends.

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A time for kissing

Where will you be when the bells ring on the stroke of midnight on December 31st? And incidentally, who will you be kissing?  Collective hugs and kisses as we make the changeover into another year are a well-established Parisian tradition. Maybe you’ll have chosen the romantic option, and will be spending the evening with your loved one in one of the capital’s many gourmet restaurants as you enjoy a high end meal that has been specially created for this great occasion.

Party favours and streamers

Much of the magic of New Year will be inspired by the basic style of the evening you’ve chosen. From a romantic cruise on the Seine where you’ll enjoy a great view of the Eiffel Tower illuminated in red, white and blue, to panoramic views from club terraces or the warm, friendly atmosphere of pubs or dinner shows in jazz clubs - the choices are vast. One thing is certain, as midnight strikes, wherever you are, the sound level will go up a notch with the sound of popping champagne corks and the distribution of party favours and streamers.

Paris by Night

Prior to midnight, you should get yourself gradually into the mood by catching one of the many comedy music hall shows that close the year in an extravaganza of song, sequins, music, dance and laughter. And to welcome in the first night of 2016, you’ll be spoiled for choice with a wide range of after dinner clubs that cater to your personal taste in music.

Trip on the Grand Wheel

The night promises to be long, so take the opportunity to make a detour to the Champs-Elysées, a must for those who love walkabouts. Those in the know opt for a trip on the Grand Wheel, and why not? You’ll enjoy a bottle of champagne on board as you take in the breath-taking views over the illuminated capital.  Those who prefer a more discreet, but no less sumptuous, setting should set out for the butte of Montmartre for the most glittering night of the year in Paris.

Reservations highly recommended

The city is filled with great events and venues so you’re sure to find some thrilling ideas for an epic night out – but don’t forget to book! You should also be aware that all public transport is free on the night. As for the fireworks, they promise to be even more spectacular this year and will add to the friendly atmosphere and the overall feeling of joy and happiness.