Oneguine Paris Opera Ballet A Timeless Classic

Oneguine Paris Opera Ballet A Timeless Classic

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Oneguine Paris Opera ballet is being performed at the Palais Garnier until March 5th. This dramatic tale set in the days of the Russian aristocracy tells of the bored and dandified Eugene Onegin, the romantic Tatiana, the poet Lensky and his fiancée Olga and the emotional interplay sparked between them. Misplaced love, duelling and tragedy set against a backdrop of rich elegance, performed with passion and consummate skill... The Vice Versa Hotelinvites you to experience the intensity of this remarkable ballet. [caption id="attachment_4271" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Vice Versa recommends Oneguine Paris Opera Ballet Copyright: © Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : Claire Pignol[/caption]

Oneguine Paris Opera ballet a masterpiece

Alexander Pushkin's verse novel Eugene Onegin is considered a classic of Russian literature. These 389 stanzas of iambic tetrameter were originally published in serial form from 1825 to 1832, and swiftly hailed worldwide as a masterpiece. In 1879 the story was adapted into the form of an opera, graced with the musical genius of Tchaikovsky, which has become one of the most extensively performed in the world.

In 1952 the South African born choreographer John Cyril Cranko became familiar with the Pushkin novel when he worked on the opera in 1952. He conceived the idea of adapting it into ballet form but was unable to attract any interest in his idea until he became better known. In April 1965, his ballet version of the tale premiered in Stuttgart. He revised it over the next two years until it became the version we see today and which is part of the permanent repertoire of over twenty ballet companies worldwide. Cranko's three act ballet condenses the story to concentrate on the emotions of the four principal characters. Tchaikovsky's opera score is not used, but all the music in Oneguine is his, including extracts from The Seasons. Cranko's is a stunning choreography which creates a plethora of opportunities for dramatic expression, all of which are performed with stunning mastery in the current Paris production.

Oneguine Paris Opera ballet recommended by the Vice Versa Hotel

The flair for the dramatic which we demonstrate in the décor and ambience of the Vice Versa Hotel is certainly echoed in Oneguine, and we have no hesitation in recommending this timeless, yet somehow contemporary, masterpiece.