Meeting Tutankhamun

Meeting Tutankhamun

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What if you were the discoverer of Tutankhamun’s tomb? What if you could go back in time and, alongside Howard Carter, in the heat of the Valley of the Kings, open the door of that sacred place for the first time? This is what the latest exhibition at the Galerie Montparnasse, Tutankhamun, the Immersive Pharaonic Experience, invites you to do. Take advantage of the Vice Versa Hotel’s special Valentine’s Day offer and discover it as a couple.


Much more than an exhibition

From February 3rd, more than a thousand artifacts will be presented at the Galerie Montparnasse during the Tutankhamun exhibition. These are painstaking reproductions created by specialists from the Cairo Museum. However, they are not being presented via a classic museographic route. Here, you are faced with the challenge of repeating Howard Carter's journey, solving puzzles, following a plan and, finally, penetrating the mortuary chamber and locating the treasure of one of the most famous pharaohs of ancient Egypt.


Embark on an archaeological adventure

A mashup of escape game and classic exhibition, Tutankhamun, the Immersive Pharaonic Experience offers a wonderful adventure that is both fun and educational. Designed under the supervision of a renowned Egyptologist and featuring reproductions expertly crafted by Cairo Museum specialists, it provides plenty of scientific knowledge in a completely accessible way. The narrative and the fun journey conjure up the excitement of discovery. You’ll have a great time, whether as a couple, with friends or family. What’s more, the 3,000 m² of exhibitions and the impressive 200 m² projection when you finally enter the tomb are simply spectacular.


Whether you’re passionate about Egyptology or you’re a lover of historical enigmas and treasure hunts, don't miss the new Tutankhamun exhibition at the Galerie Montparnasse. Book your stay at the Vice Versa Hotel and take advantage of our special Valentine’s Day offer until February 11th!


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