Magic of Christmas in the Beaugrenelle

Magic of Christmas in the Beaugrenelle

Published on in Visit Paris

Dear guests of the Vice Versa Hotel, the world of Disney invites you to enjoy an enchanted Christmas at the Beaugrenelle Centre from 19th November to 31st December. As for the programme, the poster shows children’s workshops, concerts and dance shows among a host of other activities. And, of course, you’ll be able to succumb to the temptation of one of our favourite little sins with a quick shopping session.

Mickey, Baloo, Belle and many more

A magical world awaits you under the dome of the Beaugrenelle Centre – which has donned its finest festive décor for the occasion. A place of playful avarice, pride and gluttony, the dazzling garlands of lights sparkle and shine. Fantastic scenery features all your favourite Disney characters and the whole family will enjoy shows based on the great Disney classics. Embrace the dream and enjoy the magic of Christmas. The centre is also just a few stops from the Vice Versa Hotel. Inside it’s warm after the winter chill and you can relax in one of the comfortable armchairs as you sip a glass of wine – one could almost believe in paradise

Enter the Disney world

The gourmets among you are in for a treat, while music fans will love Little Symphonic Hands concerts. Be dazzled by the dancers in the Magic Christmas Show as they spin and turn to the most beautiful Disney tunes. Take your children to workshops where they can play fun games with new friends in a party setting. Do we detect a slight touch of envy? Although not our custom, the Vice Versa suggests you curb the sin of jealousy for once. Go and try on that fabulous dress instead or get those high-heeled boots. Dab a few drops of that new perfume on your wrists and you’re now ready for the most delicious of the deadly sins in the privacy of your room.