Let yourself be tempted - the winter sales and our "Envy" rooms.

Let yourself be tempted - the winter sales and our "Envy" rooms.

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It's only a few days until the start of the Paris winter sales. Wardrobe looking a bit jaded? Feel like a new look? Don't miss the chance to grab a bargain at prices that are sometimes half what they were yesterday. And, since temptation never comes on its own, why not treat yourself to one of our "Envy" rooms – they're designed to appeal to the most dedicated shopping addicts!


Get ready for the start of the sales

Like everywhere else in France, Paris is preparing for the start of the annual winter sales on January 10th, 2018. Any fashionista worthy of the name will have already made a note in her planner! You'll have till the 20th of February to chase those bargains and track down the things you want, and you'll find everything from coats, dresses, shoes and homeware at knock-down prices. With big names like Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, the Boulevard Haussmann is ideal for a chic shopping trip. Alternatively, shopping malls like the d'Italie mall in the 13th are less crowded but you'll still find some great bargains from your favourite brands and designers.


Let yourself be tempted by our "Envy" rooms

The concept of the hotel Vice Versa is inspired by the 7 deadly sins and the visions of Chantal Thomass (in collaboration with Vincent Bastie, interior designer). Each floor is dedicated to a "sin" and our "Envy" rooms on the 4th floor will appeal to fashion lovers. The décor references a very feminine vision of a dressing room, the dream of any woman. Shoes, bags, jewellery – Envy combines with temptation in a beautifully colourful feast for the eyes.