La Grande Surface - Galerie Festive; unclassifiable and fascinating

La Grande Surface - Galerie Festive; unclassifiable and fascinating

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Do you love the offbeat atmosphere and strong character of your Hotel Vice Versa, designed by Chantal Thomass? Then, you’ll also love the Grande Surface - Galerie Festive (Great Surface - Festive Gallery), an amazing pop-up art experience that opened on May 16th and will be accessible to the public until December 2019. Let’s take a look…


La Grande Surface - Galerie Festive; what’s the concept?

Imagine an ever-evolving art gallery with ephemeral works that will disappear when the place does. Add in mobile bars, a food court and musical happenings, as well as a pop-up shop and terraces, and spread it out over the 1,500 m² of the three floors of a former supermarket and you will still only have a rough idea of ​​the absolutely brilliant and uninhibited concept created by the Passage Enchanté agency. There’s only one way to form your own opinion of the project; go there!


Experiencing the concept

There are two ways to experience the Grande Surface - Galerie Festive concept. The first will appeal to those who prefer to be well organised and prepared. They will consult the website to learn about the exhibiting artists, find out about the menus designed by the chef Fabien Gomez and preview the performances of the DJs to get some idea of what to expect. The second approach will suit those who like the unexpected and prefer to be spontaneous. The gallery is easy to access, open every day from 11:00 and you don’t need a reservation. Whichever approach you choose, when you get there, you’ll discover the emotions evoked by the artists and the place’s unique atmosphere!

The Grande Surface - Galerie Festive is one of those innovative concepts that our Hotel Vice Versa likes to highlight. Discovering artists, enjoying a good meal, sharing moments of insight amidst fascinating works; there’s nothing more stimulating and refreshing. Don’t miss out!



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