Karl Lagerfeld at the Pinacoteca

Karl Lagerfeld at the Pinacoteca

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NEW NFORMATION : The Pinacoteca has closed its doors Monday, February 15 after 13 years of existence.

Until March 20th, 2016, the Pinacoteca of Paris adorns its walls with… photographs of Karl Lagerfeld. Many things are to be discovered including self-portraits as Karl Lagerfeld is known for his famous ego. Don’t miss your chance to catch this exclusive exhibition. Combine discovery and romance and enjoy a beautiful Valentine’s Day with our “Fall in Love” package, which has been specially designed to tempt lovers.

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Under the gaze of Karl

"I am fortunate to be able to devote my life to what interests me most: photography, fashion and books." Thus says Karl Lagerfeld who, if he is known worldwide for his high fashion creations, is perhaps less known for the photographs he has been taking for at least 25 years now. Yet his photographic work is consistent: fashion photography of course, but also landscapes, often seen from a very abstract viewpoint, epic series such as the ‘The Journey of Odysseus’ or ‘Daphnis and Chloe’ and portraits.  And the compositions of this passionate artist show a keen eye and technique that is subject to all types of exploration. Daguerreotypes, platinotypes, Polaroids, digital prints or serigraphs area all part of the wide range of mediums explored by photographer Karl Lagerfeld.

Under the sign of Love!

If discovering Karl Lagerfeld in his guise as photographer is worth a trip to Paris, you’ll want to take advantage of this eminently cultural occasion to celebrate in the most romantic city in the world. Surely the great day of love is relevant. We’re always ready to encourage, or even initiate, big and small sins at the Hotel Vice Versa so we’ve mobilised ourselves and concocted a delicious Valentine’s Day treat. Our ‘Fall in Love’ package offers passionate nights, delicious breakfast, long mornings, champagne and rose petals. You’ll be cosily installed in the room of your choice – decorated of course with the colours of your favourite sin.