Jazz in Paris

Jazz in Paris

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If June is the month of music in Paris, it is the month of jazz in particular. Six weeks of concerts at the Parc Floral from June 11th to July 31st and ten days at La Défense from June 25th to July 3rd is enough to push even the virtuous into the sin of gluttony… with an appetite for music, of course! And all with the blessing of the Vice Versa, where sin is perfect only when multiplied by seven.

Paris Jazz Festival at Parc Floral

The Parc Floral de Vincennes, with its flowers, warm grassy spaces and trees, opens its gates for the 22nd edition of an event that is dear to the hearts of jazz lovers and music fans everywhere. The Paris Jazz Festival combines great music with a friendly atmosphere in an outstanding setting. The programme for the 2016 edition takes a dive into the heart of the USA, the birthplace of jazz - with a little help from their Cuban neighbours whose Havana mestizo music vibrates with the rhythms of Africa. This year, the event honours Armenia. It also honours Switzerland and Brussels with a tribute to the unforgettable Jacques Brel.

Defense Jazz Festival

39 candles to blow out for this festival that was established in 1977! The age of Reason? Never! For ten days, a myriad of world class artists, stars of today and tomorrow, will set Paris alight at Parvis de la Défense. Busy employees from the Defense towers take time to slam their heels in perfect tune with festival goers as they dance the night away. Originally called Jazz Springboard La Défense, it has never renounced its original spirit. This exceptional and original event is still an opportunity for you to applaud, encourage, and support emerging jazz musicians. A real joy. " With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you choose. But get drunk." said the poet Baudelaire. Be sure to add this great event to your music itinerary!