Indulge yourself at Merveilleux de Fred

Indulge yourself at Merveilleux de Fred

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Sin does not make us feel guilty here at the Vice Versa Hotel, quite the contrary. And today we want to encourage you to share one of our favourite sins, that of the gluttony. Our team recommends a place that has a truly distinctive character and a wealth of flavours: Aux Merveilleux de Fred. Indulge…


The story of Merveilleux de Fred

At Merveilleux de Fred, the story is all about the passion of Frédéric Vaucamps, an artisan pâtissier from Lille who appropriated the traditional recipe for the merveilleux cake and gave it his own extra-special spin. His interpretation of this meringue dessert quickly became a must-have to the extent that he opened a chain of pâtisseries across France and then the world, allowing people far and wide to discover his tasty treats. The merveilleux also evokes a part of the history of France and the French way of life as it refers to those eccentrics who met during the Directoire period at the end of the 18th century to exchange political ideas and delicacies...


A pâtisserie and a concept

The success of Frédéric Vaucamps' pâtisserie can, of course, be explained by the delicacy of his merveilleux, as well as his cramiques, Flemish waffles, incroyables, excentriques, etc. His beautiful baroque-style shops are another big attraction. Another very special touch is allowing customers to watch the pâtissiers at work, producing their tempting and indulgent creations. Made before your eyes, they are always exquisitely fresh. Taste them on the spot or bring them back in an elegant box to your Gluttony room at the Vice Versa Hotel, but don't even try to resist!

About fifteen minutes on foot from your Vice Versa Hotel, the Merveilleux de Fred pâtisserie offers an experience not to be missed. Original gourmet delights, available in a wide array of flavours, these merveilleux are truly a marvel!



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