Indulge in indulgence at the Salon du Chocolat!

Indulge in indulgence at the Salon du Chocolat!

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Your Hotel Vice Versa invites you to give free rein to your vices with its themed rooms, each dedicated to one of the deadly sins. That’s why we had to succumb to the temptation to invite you to discover the Salon du Chocolat, which will be held from October 28th to November 1st at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre!


Pleasures for the taste buds and the eyes

The Salon du Chocolat, which is celebrating its 26th edition this year, is a real feast for the senses. Of course, you will be invited to sample, taste and try all kinds of chocolate and chocolate preparations. You will also be immersed in their irresistible aromas. But the Salon du Chocolat is also a feast for the eyes. From the fashion parade of chocolate dresses to chocolate sculptures and the stunning creations of the greatest pâtissières, a gourmet delight becomes a true work of art and a way of life.


A vibrant trade fair

The Salon du Chocolat not only invites you to admire but also to take an active part. Various workshops are offered, for adults but also for youngsters, who have their own junior area. Numerous events are organised so that specialists can share their savoir-faire. There are also competitions in which the best in the business vie against each other, giving you the chance to see them in action and get some inspiration for your own creativity. What’s more, thanks to the retail area, you can take the opportunity to do your Christmas shopping in advance!

Your Hotel Vice Versa is located just a five-minute walk from the venue where the Salon du Chocolat is held. Laziness, envy and gluttony are three sins that we happily encourage! All you have to do is book your tickets online on the Salon du Chocolat website.



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