Gourmet Easter at the Vice Versa

Gourmet Easter at the Vice Versa

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Gourmands and unrepentant sinners know that Easter marks the end of Lent. Great news for our taste buds. We’re always exhilarated by the chance of a little sin at Vice Versa, and we aim to celebrate with style thanks to our special gourmet Easter offer.

Under the sign of gluttony

Confess, you know that it feels so good to indulge in a little gluttony! It’s simply irresistible. Imagine, an entire room dedicated to your favourite sin, adorned with the symbols of greed, the delights of pleasure and the languor of idleness created by talented designer Chantal Thomass. Open your mind to the possibilities of the night then, in the morning, enjoy a long, leisurely breakfast that is fit for a connoisseur. Even Rabelais would be impressed.  Last but not least, this wonderful den of vice welcomes you with a tempting box of signature Patrick Roger chocolates.

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You know nothing of Patrick Roger? That is a real sin, it is impossible and must be corrected. Only the Hotel Vice Versa can absolve you. Patrick Roger is a chocolatier. There’s no doubt about that, but he is also a chocolate sculptor, an artist of the bean, an activist of the ganache and a cocoa goldsmith. His gallery features primates and is comprised of striking orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas. You might utter a cry of alarm about the disappearance of our amazing cousins. In another hand, his Valentine’s chocolate melted the heart of lovers and gave you so much pleasure. As the centrepiece of our offer, we present a selection of ganache and pralines to immerse you in the most delicious abyss of sin for Easter at the Vice Versa Hotel.

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