Enjoy some leisure in the parks of the 15th arrondissement!

Enjoy some leisure in the parks of the 15th arrondissement!

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Your Vice Versa hotel with its rooms themed around the deadly sins was not established in the 15th arrondissement merely by chance. In this part of Paris, you can give in to all the temptations, ranging from the envy provoked by the items on sale in the many shops to the gluttony inspired by the small restaurants and food artisans, as well as the laziness encouraged by its parks... Here, we reveal our two favourite parks for lounging.


The Parc Georges Brassens and its vines, beehives and poetry

A ten-minute walk from your Vice Versa hotel, the Parc Georges Brassens wears its history on its sleeve. The grapevines of the Clos des Morillons evoke the agricultural vocation of the former village of Vaugirard, while the charming belfry overlooking the lake recalls the fish market, horse market and slaughterhouses which closed in 1975. The puppet theatre, old book market, merry-go-round and pony rides are just some of the activities available in this delightful green space. The park is imbued with the spirit of the singer-songwriter and poet Georges Brassens, who lived nearby and cherished this popular district all his life.


The Parc André Citroën, looking to the future

In twenty minutes on foot, you can discover a completely different ambiance. Situated by the Seine, on the site of the former Citroën car factories, there are now 14 hectares of greenery. The only park in Paris that opens onto the Seine has two huge tropical and Mediterranean greenhouses, dancing fountains, a reflecting pool and a huge lawn descending gently towards the river. But the park has many other surprises, such as the white garden and the black garden, paths lined with aquatic plants, and an artificial island.


Your Vice Versa hotel team knows and appreciates every corner of their neighbourhood. When the need to relax takes you, go green in one of our parks!



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