Discovering the Palace of Versailles

Discovering the Palace of Versailles

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Do you like to think big? Treat yourself to a dive into the excess, opulence, beauty and extravagance of the Palace of Versailles... Thanks to the RER C, this stunningly opulent former royal residence is only half an hour from your Vice Versa Hotel!


The Palace of Versailles; an exceptional monument

Rebuilt, embellished and enlarged in the second half of the 17th century by decree of Louis XIV, the Palace of Versailles is quite simply a marvel. From its immense square dominated by the statue of the king on horseback and its royal apartments with their flamboyant gilding to its romantic garden groves, pools and fountains, the place is exceptional in every way. You can almost feel the ghostly presences of major historical figures from Louis XIV and Molière to Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI via Lully, Racine, Mansart and Colbert. The majesty of the Grand Siècle awaits you.


Versailles at your feet

The big advantage of Versailles is that you can really look around it as the fancy takes you. History buffs will embark on a detailed guided tour of the buildings, while romantics will prefer to tread the marble of the Grand Trianon before admiring the view from the main terrace and getting lost in the statues and discrete thickets. Or, you can simply take advantage of the verdant surroundings by relaxing on the lawns that surround the Grand Canal before taking a walk in the huge park followed by a boat ride. You choose!

The Palace of Versailles is one of the monuments that you must see at least once in your life. So, it’s fortunate that this superb example of our historical heritage is only 30 minutes by public transport from your Vice Versa Hotel. Ask our teams how to reach it and find out about the events that take place there, including the Musical Fountains Show, a real delight!



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