Discover Paris by way of our latest offers

Discover Paris by way of our latest offers

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Your Hotel Vice Versa has been able to adapt to the current situation, remaining open and continuing to welcome you with our customary hospitality, despite health constraints. We’ve put together some bespoke offers to help you find rest and relaxation while we look after you...


Bespoke offers

To take your mind off the pandemic, we’re offering you our original and exotic setting for various uses. For example, you can come here and work remotely! You will find a private space where you can settle down in peace. Hot drinks, delicacies, connectivity, and a lounge area; we have everything you could want from an actual office. We also offer a room for the day so you can have a room for a few hours to take a refreshing nap, finally finish the book you’re reading or catch up with a season or two of your favourite series. We have also formed a partnership with Les Bocaux du Bistrot to offer you tasty and varied meals to be served in your room.


Paris awaits you

You can also take advantage of the return of sunny days to (re)discover the delights of Paris outdoors. Need a quick breath of fresh air? The Square du Clos Feuquières awaits you at the exit of the hotel. Got a little more time? Explore the Petite Ceinture and its route which goes - almost - around Paris. It’s ideal for a jog or a long stroll in an authentic Parisian atmosphere far from the well-beaten tourist path. Finally, still in our neighbourhood, immerse yourself in the calm and beauty of the Parc Georges Brassens. Its lawns, large pond, flowers, vineyard, and beehives, as well as its quaint old belfry, give it a unique charm.

Forget the current lockdown constraints by finding refuge at the Vice Versa! Addicted to work? We offer you a dedicated workspace. Feeling lazy? Book our room on this theme for the day. We’re waiting for you!



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