Discover nature in the heart of Paris

Discover nature in the heart of Paris

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Contrary to popular belief, a stay in Paris doesn't have to be a frenzied whirlwind of urban life. It is possible to find pockets of rest and relaxation in the heart of the city – such as the Vice Versa Hotel. Adopt a slow and unhurried pace, far from the bustle of the capital.


Décor that evokes nature

The Vice Versa Hotel entrusted the design and decoration of its rooms to Chantal Thomass who chose the 7 deadly sins as the theme for these subtly subversive cocoons. You can choose one of our Paresse (Sloth) rooms where butterflies frolic on the walls. Soft colours, thick carpeting, and flowers, the bucolic décor is an invitation to switch off your tablet or unplug your laptop. Excellent! Now you have time to stroll, to dream, to escape.


A bucolic outing

Are you filled with a desire for fresh air?  You'll find one of the most exciting and unusual parks in Paris just a few minutes from the Vice Versa Hotel. Inaugurated in 1992, the André-Citroën park is on the site of the former automobile factory along the banks of the Seine. Water features, lawns, bamboo, exotic greenhouses, installations, and theme gardens covering over 24 hectares allow you to stretch your legs and enjoy a peaceful moment. For the dreamers – why not put your head in the clouds, literally?  The park's anchored balloon rises 150 metres from the ground to offer sensational panoramic views of Paris.

Enjoy a natural escape in the heart of one of the most active areas of Paris! Give in to the temptation of laziness in our thematic rooms before a nature getaway in the André-Citroën park...