Christmas temptations

Christmas temptations

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Temperatures are dropping, it gets dark earlier, windows, trees and lampposts are decorated and illuminated, there’s no doubt that Christmas is coming! Of course, this is true of every year, and has been ever since we were children. However, we can’t help but smile with each new festive season as a certain euphoria takes over. We feel compelled to venture outdoors, there’s no stopping our arms and legs, and the festive mood is heightened by fir garlands, glittering lights, wooden chalets, silvery ice rinks and waffles and mulled wine.

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Come, admire the windows!

Let’s go! Don’t fight it, that Christmas magic that seizes absolutely everyone - there’s no use denying it.  Put on your warm shoes and boots, fleece lined winter coats, stylish hats and cosy gloves, and it’s ‘all aboard’ as we set off to catch the Christmas windows. The great department stores are our first essential stop – and the elves have certainly been busy. Animated displays make festive scenes come alive and even plates, bowls and wooden jam spoons are part of the action. A thousand sweet pastries, brightly glazed macaroons and chocolate curls attract the attention of gourmands and children alike in patisseries and chocolate boutiques filled with so many divine promises. Don’t forget to visit your favourite bookstore where you can choose a selection of novels, poetry, art books, autobiographies and recipe books that will soon have you dreaming of quiet moments to read by the fireplace.

Christmas on Ice

Christmas in Paris means slides, slopes and ice rinks under the stars.  Free ice rinks await skating fans in the heart of the Champs-Elysées Christmas market and in the illuminated 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower. Illuminated by the lights of the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero rink offers you the chance to skate to music. The ice rink will be installed close to the wooden market chalets on the esplanade from 18th December and promises to be the best party yet with its winter village, kite shows and events.