Brassens market: full of books

Brassens market: full of books

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The antique book market at Georges Brassens Park at the edge of the 15th district and a few steps from the Hotel Vice Versa is held every weekend, come rain or come shine. It’s a key event for book lovers who yearn for the sight of old leather covers and well-turned pages. What’s not to love? The Hotel Vice Versa exhorts you to rush to the park!

Happy Days

They came! Yes, they’re all there! From the 200 members of the GIPPE Association, over fifty booksellers gather in the park every Saturday and Sunday. The event attracts families out for a stroll as well as serious collectors. Whether they’re enthusiasts looking for that special nugget or simply lovers of good old books, everyone loves trying to find those elusive original editions among the thousands of books of every kind. History, technology, poetry, novels, science, and art – every imaginable genre is represented here.

Hundreds of books

Neatly arranged in beautiful wooden boxes, lined up on tables, or randomly arranged in cardboard boxes, everywhere you go you can smell the old paper. These books have often been passed from hand to hand, or from generation to generation. Their pages implore you to explore them with the passion and delicacy of their former owners. Perhaps you’ll notice markers where they had to stop reading, eyes clouded by the fading light.
It’s difficult to resist the charms of childhood favourites like San Antonio or the Fables of La Fontaine illustrated in vibrant colours. Punctuated with trees where you cool off in the shade on the same green benches that were cherished by our friend Georges, the park is an irresistible place for a reading break, a picnic, or a stroll with friends.

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