An Italian summer… in the 15th arrondissement of Paris!

An Italian summer… in the 15th arrondissement of Paris!

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Succumb to the temptation of the most exquisite delicacies during your summer break at the Hotel Vice Versa. Staying in the 15th arrondissement, you’ll find plenty of options for indulging yourself. But when summer comes, Italian gastronomy wins hands down. Here are our favourite places to eat, Italian style, in the heart of the 15th arrondissement…


Enjoy a pizza like you would in Naples

Treat yourself to a pizza prepared in the greatest tradition: Neapolitan style! To do so, head for the Vera Pizza Napoletana Guillaume Grasso. Less than a 20-minute walk from the hotel, this pizzeria is the only one in Paris to have true Italian pizza certification. That’s no surprise as its chef comes from a long line of Neapolitan pizzaioli and has worked hard to attain his high level of savoir-faire and obtain that all-important certificate. Treat yourself to a traditional margherita in which each ingredient is a tribute to la Botte.


An Italian terrace in Paris

Looking for traditional Italian flavours in Paris? Head to Ischia, Cyril Lignac's transalpine restaurant. In an atmosphere that is both refined and warm, you can find the great classics revisited with the chef's distinctive touch. His passion for the food is readily apparent and the sublime presentation of simple dishes of a rare delicacy is a pleasure. Also go to Joya, an address full of sunshine and offering the choice between typical dishes and tasty Neapolitan pizzas. And it's only a twenty-minute walk from the Hotel Vice Versa.


Gluttony is undoubtedly a sin, but it would be a bigger sin not to give in to it during a stay in Paris. And that’s doubly true when you stay at the Vice Versa! Treat yourself to the ambiance and flavours of Italy at our favourite neighbourhood eateries. Bon appetit and buon appetito!



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