A tempting programme for September at Vice Versa Hotel

A tempting programme for September at Vice Versa Hotel

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Temptation is a subject we’re more than a little familiar with at the Vice Versa, and we love to give in and indulge ourselves.  The hotel offers the perfect setting for revelling in gloriously sinful treats with its Seven Deadly Sins theme, and our tempting programme for September will concentrate on Curiosity and Greed – two of our favourites.

[caption id="attachment_7191" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Copyright : Salon du Chocolat-Office du tourisme de Paris-Photographe : Marc Bertrand[/caption]

Okay, so Curiosity isn’t technically one of the seven deadly sins, but a little artistic licence is acceptable in a setting that will evoke your curious and playful.    The exquisite décor at Hotel Vice Versa is the work of acclaimed designer Chantal Thomass.  Explore the hotel or discover unique events like International Contemporary Art Fair FIAC at the Grand Palais, where the latest contemporary art will spark your inquisitive nature.

Greed is certainly a deadly sin, but a little never did anyone any harm.  Fill up on a sumptuous breakfast in the Vice Versa’s magnificent Greed themed dining room before heading to one of the city’s most sinfully indulgent events.  Salon du Chocolat is now in its fabulous 20th year, and guests are within easy reach of this delectable exhibition at Portes de Versailles by taxi or metro.

Give in to your sinful side this September, and come and celebrate all the joys of Curiosity and Greed with us at the Vice Versa Hotel.

Visit the 41st International Contemporary Art Fair FIAC

Be among the lucky visitors to attend FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair at the Grand Palais from 23rd to 26th October 2014.  The very best in contemporary art is presented by galleries from all over the world, and it’s a wonderful way to discover new artists and exciting concepts

The delicious 20th anniversary of Salon du Chocolat

Salon du Chocolat takes place from 29th October to 2nd November 2014 at Portes de Versailles, and this will be the 20th anniversary edition of this highly popular exhibition.  Take part in workshops, see performances and shows or catch favourites like the Chocolate Fashion Show - a great day out for chocolate enthusiasts of any age.

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