A magical escape to the Palace of Versailles

A magical escape to the Palace of Versailles

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From your Hotel Vice Versa it will take you less than half an hour by train to reach Versailles. Forget the hustle and bustle of the capital for a few hours and explore the opulent château born at the behest of Louis XIV, along with its immense park.


An enchanting setting

A tour of the château and its legendary rooms such as the Hall of Mirrors and the Queen's Apartments is not to be missed. However, a major attraction of this treasure trove of history and beauty is undoubtedly the park and gardens. Wander amidst the intimate groves, water features and fountains, sculptures and perspectives, and you’ll almost expect to turn a leafy corner and see Molière, Lully or even Marie-Antoinette appear. What’s more, these spaces host events throughout the summer that add even more to the magic of the place.


Musical Fountains and Royal Serenade

Throughout the summer, on Saturdays and Sundays, the pools and fountains are filled with water and the groves are filled with the sound of baroque music to immerse you in the atmosphere of the 17th and 18th centuries. The experience becomes even more intense during the nocturnal Fountains Show, during which the play of light on the pools and sparkling sprays enhances the enchantment. The highlight of the evening, however, remains the spectacular fireworks display over the Grand Canal. You will also want to attend the Royal Serenade in the early evening. Invited to the Hall of Mirrors, you will be swept up in the majesty of a period French ball. Of course, the Palace of Versailles offers combined tickets so you can enjoy one or more of these events.

Less than thirty minutes from the heart of Paris, the Palace of Versailles takes you on a journey through time. Its Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens have become world famous, entertaining not only foreign visitors each year, but also locals who never tire of its pleasures.



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