A balloon ride over Paris for two at Parc André Citroën

A balloon ride over Paris for two at Parc André Citroën

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Couples staying at the Vice Versa will enjoy being able to take romantic walks in the district around the hotel. The ultra-modern Parc André Citroën awaits you in the 15th arrondissement. Don't miss the park, or the chance to experience an unforgettable trip between heaven and earth in the now famous Ballon de Paris.


A romantic walk in Parc André Citroën

Parc André Citroën is located on the site of Citroen's former Paris factory. It's one of the capital's newest parks and it’s the only green space in Paris that's right on the Seine. This magnificent 14-hectare space with its futuristic spirit was designed by a team of renowned landscape architects and architects and it's a dream place for romantic walks.

Take a stroll between the two massive greenhouses, separated by an avenue of vertical water jets, where plants mainly from Australia and New Zealand are sheltered. Very geometrical and very structured, Parc André Citroën also has large duck ponds and various gardens where you can walk as well as beautiful woodland glades with evocative names.  Escape for a few golden hours in the Shadow Garden, the Orange Garden or the Red Garden – a timeless pleasure.


See Paris from above

Although balloons may have disappeared from the skies more than 80 years ago, they're now back in Paris and ready to give you a sensational adrenaline rush. The perfect finale to a pleasant walk, the tethered balloon enables you to soar to a height of 150 metres. This huge helium-filled balloon can accommodate up to 30 people. The climb is impressive; smooth and noiseless - giving you the feeling that you're flying above a void. You'll be rewarded with incomparable views over Paris and the Eiffel tower and you'll see some of the capital's most famous landmarks from a new angle.