7 deadly sins in one hotel

7 deadly sins in one hotel

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Paris a sinful city? Maybe... Located not far from the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles, the hotel Vice Versa offers you the opportunity to succumb to no less than 7 deadly sins. Exceptional décor is based on the 7 deadly sins and you’ll feel perfectly at home in a room that is dedicated to your favourite.

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Sinful yet refined

The Hotel Vice Versa entrusted the unique task of decorating every room and space in a 7 deadly sins theme to acclaimed designer Chantal Thomas. You’re certain to recognize the fan and frills, lace and corset motifs used to suggest ‘Lust’ for example, and humour and sophistication prevail on a journey that leads you through every imaginable sin in rooms that are inspired and elegant yet comfortable and inviting.

Each sin has its particular colours and objects, and every detail from the bed to the sink, the wall frieze, gilding, rich velvet or textured paint has been chosen to illustrate these sins, enhance your stay and lead you straight into the formidable arms of Beelzebub.

Which will you choose?

Greed, sloth, gluttony, envy, anger, pride or lust. They are all so tempting, so it’s difficult to decide. The majestic marble columns of Pride? The priceless collections of shoes and handbags in Envy? The tender macaroons of Greed, the delicate twirling butterflies in the Laziness suite or the hot, black lace of Lust? Is choosing a favourite not a sin in itself? Would it not double the sin of pride to claim to know your favourite? There’s only one solution, poor sinners that we are – try them all!  After all, they do say that the devil recognizes his own!