World Cup 2014 at the Vice Versa Hotel Fun and Revelries

The World Cup 2014 is coming and we, at the Vice Versa Hotel, are making sure you enjoy this international event, during your stay. Between the 12 June and 13 July, we'll be sharing special rates for our guests, at the bar and you'll also be treated to a selection of ambient music, amidst our themed Brazilian styled décor. Watch all of the matches, on the 4 TV screens we have installed throughout our Gourmet room and revel in the excitement that this event brings.

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Football is a popular sport that is enjoyed throughout the world, by various nations. Football is a social sport and most would agree that the thrills and excitement that the game brings, are generally appreciated and best enjoyed, when in the company of friends or family. The 2014, the World Cup is being staged in the colourful and vibrant South American country, Brazil and the atmosphere in the stadium, will no reflect the, vibrancy of the people.

In keeping with this theme, our bar will be decked out in exotic Brazilian inspired décor. The South American music playing in the background, will take you to the shores of Brazil and you won't have to miss out on any of the games, as our huge TV screens will be locked into the World Cup 2014. We'll be dishing out special rates for football fans to enjoy, so you can treat yourself to your favourite beverages.

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