Vice Versa Hotel Paris : enter Paradise and descend to Hell

Vice Versa Hotel Paris stands out in the Parisian hotel landscape for its original decor created by Chantal Thomass. The famous designer was not only inspired by the 7 Deadly Sins to decorate the different floors of the Vice Versa Hotel, she also turned the reception into a corner of paradise and the hamman into a real (but comfortable) hell! Vice Versa Hotel Paris

Vice Versa Hotel Paris : a dreamlike decor for a unique stay

If you ever doubted the existence of Paradise, your stay at the Vice Versa Hotel Paris will help you see things differently! As you step into the reception area, you arrive in a space where everything, from the randomly placed wall lights to the unusually shaped armchairs, is immaculately white.

Here, a sofa fit for a princess, there a unicorn with luminescent powers: you immediately feel as though you have landed in the clouds! While all the objects and furniture are the same colour, a variety of different materials have been used with fur, feathers and leather gently enveloping you like the wing of an angel.

One floor below, in the basement of the Vice Versa Hotel, the atmosphere is radically different. Little devils, skulls and crossbones and various other unwelcoming figures inhabit this decidedly fiendish red and black decor. But in this hell it is just the relaxing heat of the hamman which awaits.

Welcome at the Vice Versa Hotel Paris !

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