Glamorous Boutique hotels in Paris 15th Arrondissement

Glamorous Boutique hotels in Paris 15th Arrondissement like the Vice Versa Hotel, are a great pleasure to stay in. Our establishment, designed by Chantal Thomass, is unique and chic, keeping in line with its fashionable location, near the Montparnasse District. Popular tourist spots, situated in close proximity to our hotel, include the shopping mall, home to Les Galeries Lafayette, the Montparnasse Tower and railway station. Whether you're planning a leisurely getaway or are on a business vacation, you'll love your stay at the Vice Versa Hotel. [caption id="attachment_4191" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Vice Versa Hotel, Glamorous Boutique hotels in Paris 15th Arrondissement near Montparnasse Photo Tour Montparnasse © Amélie Dupont – Office de Tourisme de Paris[/caption]

Glamorous Boutique Hotels in Paris 15th Arrondissement near Montparnasse

Montparnasse is a fabulous area. Its historical background is steeped in Parisian culture. In the 17th century, students would come and recite poetry here and the name, Montparnasse, is derived from Mount Parnassus, the residence of the Greek mythological muses, of arts and sciences. In the 18th century the Boulevard Mountparnasse was constructed and the French Revolution heralded the appearance of cabarets and dance halls.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Paris

The Montparnasse Tower is a must, while visiting Paris. This structure provides amazing views of the city, from the panoramic terrace and 56th floor. Experience a ride on the fastest lift in Europe, which takes an astounding 28 seconds to elevate up to 200 meters in height. Les Galeries Lafayette in the shopping mall, is perfect for shopping sprees. You will enjoy watching movies in the cinema complex. Explore the city of Paris at ease, via the railway station, located within walking distance from the hotel.

Vice Versa and Glamorous Boutique Hotels in Paris 15th Arrondissement : Par Excellence

The Hotel Vice Versa is an exceptional establishment, offering top quality services, in stylish and unique surroundings. The reception provides a 24 hour service and free internet is available. Both classic and deluxe rooms are spacious, comfortable and seriously sumptuous. Your stay here will be one that is unforgettable and you'll long treasure the memories of your trip.

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