Chantal Thomass' Design, the charm of the Vice Versa Hotel!

Chantal Thomass' Design, something which is certain to appeal to fans of the designer, lovers of fashion and all guests in search of a little originality! It is indeed the famous designer with her unmistakable black fringe, who designed the interiors of our hotel giving each room its unique personality. Get ready to stay in an Haute Couture hotel! Chantal Thomass Decoration

Chantal Thomass' Design: originality and elegance

  After creating her own line of lingerie, opening stores in more than 30 countries, working with prestigious brands and lending her talent to a number of charitable organisations, Chantal Thomass has added another string to her bow with the design of the interiors of the Vice Versa Hotel and its 37 rooms. The result is an atmosphere which is as velvety as a boudoir and as sharp as a stiletto. While the immaculate lobby may come across as angelic, the basement spa is somewhat more devilish! Admire every little detail, material, motif and object: in every corner of the hotel, be it gluttony, pride, greed or sloth, Chantal Thomass’ design puts vice centre stage…with equal amounts of style and humour! Chantal Thomass Lingerie - Official Website
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